Bayou City Nights 2014

Lauren and I are members of Bayou City Fellowship, a great little church here in Houston, TX. One of my favorite things about the church is that it doesn't have high overhead and almost all the money that is taken up during offering immediately leaves the building and goes to some awesome causes. One of the big things that BCF does itself though, is Bayou City Nights.

Bayou City Nights is basically an evening VBS for kids, but not just the kids that attend BCF. BCF busses in kids from all over Houston to try to teach them and their parents about Jesus. Pretty awesome.

Jenna & Matt - 8/10/2014

Jenna & Matt Jordan - St. Louis, MO

Jenna is awesome. I've known her for like 8 years and she was one of my closest friends in High School. When I found out she was engaged to Matt, I accurately assumed that he was also awesome. I was so pumped when Jenna asked me to photograph her wedding, and in St. Louis, MO no less! 

The wedding was amazing, it was held at the beautiful Jordan home. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

All photos shot with a Fuji X-E2 with the 56mm 1.2 and a Fuji x100s by Jake Brown.

Jenna&Matt SM (239 of 434).JPG
Jenna&Matt SM (8 of 434).JPG
Jenna&Matt SM (13 of 434).JPG
Jenna&Matt SM (49 of 434).JPG
Jenna&Matt SM (51 of 434).JPG

Elizabeth Brower & Bruce Leuthold - Engagement Session

I love the Brower family. Lauren has been friends with the Brower family for a few years now and once I started dating Lauren, I got to know them very quickly. Emily, Elizabeth's twin sister, was Lauren's big in TriDelt and both of them were in our wedding. Well Liz graduated from Baylor and while doing her PhD program at Texas A&M, she met Bruce, and now they're engaged!

She asked me to photograph her wedding/engagement photos and I said duh. The engagement party was in Cameron TX, where their family owns a ranch, so of course we shot there at sunrise and I'm quite happy with what we got.

All photos shot with Fujifilm X-E2 with the 56mm 1.2 lens and a Fujifilm x100s.

Love the way this photo turned out.

Love the way this photo turned out.

Well Done Bruce. Well Done.

Well Done Bruce. Well Done.

Leutholds SM (18 of 42).JPG
Classic Liz...

Classic Liz...

Leutholds SM (30 of 42).JPG

And my two favorite photos from the day...

This was one of my favorite shoots to date. I love getting to meet people and go to new places through photography, but a photo session with good friends for a great occasion is hard to beat!