Never Not Working

This past month has been full of a lot of reflecting on the past... weird. I don't usually do that kind of stuff, but it's been pretty productive. Like I said in my last post, work has been kind of slow recently, Houston Summers tend to be. Stuff is starting to pick up again so that's great, but during the time of reflection I've realized how far I've come.

I only started doing video production about 2 years ago in my senior year at Baylor. This is the very first video on my Vimeo page. I thought it was amazing when I posted it, it also took me like 3 weeks to edit it...

This is my most recent video, I've definitely come a long way, at least in my opinion. It's much more cinematic and professional looking. The camera handling, color grading, editing, graphics... Everything. I still have PLENTY of room to grow though, and that's been what I've been focused on now.

This past week, I've been thinking a lot about the next year, where I want to go in the future. I definitely want to keep improving and focusing on video. I love photography, but I think video is my bread and butter.

Now to address the weird title for this blog post, Never Not Working. Even if I'm not shooting or editing or doing something for a client, I will Never Not be Working. I will be thinking, writing, planning, researching, and learning. Recently I've been trying to consume as much high quality content as possible to constantly have a cinematic vision. One group in particular is Studio E, the visual creative team for Elevation Church in NC. They do amazing work, and for a church! I would love to do something like that someday.

Vimeo is full of amazing filmmakers and artists. A great tool for inspiration is Vimeo's like system, not only do you give credit to great filmmakers, but it also saves them in your profile for later viewing.

If you want to see what inspires me, check out my Vimeo page. You can even follow me to have what I like pop up on your home page if you want.


Never Stop Working.

Reflecting on the Past Year // Bayou City Fellowship - Night of Prayer

I'll be honest, work is a little slow right now. Maybe it's because the summers in Houston are miserable and nobody wants to go outside... who knows. Anyways, about two weeks ago, our Pastor talked about doing what you are called to do, and that got me thinking... What am I called to do?

I have no idea, but what I do know is making videos is what I'm passionate about and it's really the only thing I know how to do professionally. But every day I have my doubts. Am I good enough? Why is nobody calling? Why did that person back out? Why isn't this project as good as I want it to be? 

Creating is hard. The hardest part is that what I like and what I want to make is so much higher than what my talent is right now. My taste is great, my talent is getting there. The only way to get better is to keep creating. So during this time of self-doubt, our church announced they were having a Night of Prayer. I don't know why, but I just felt like I had to make a video about it. Our church is small and new, they don't really have a video team and this was a cool opportunity to make something.

The next day while editing the footage, I just felt like God told me to watch a very similar video I made for my church in college... It's horrible haha. In the middle of my doubt and frustration, God comes along and reminds me how far I've come in just one year! I'll keep working, keep improving, and keep listening.

Here are the two videos I just mentioned. First off, the newest one.

And the one I made almost a year ago. You don't have to watch it... So shaky, so long, many rack focuses...

Yeah...big difference. The crazy thing is the equipment I'm using now isn't that much nicer than the equipment I was using then. Just a lot of hard work and time.


Ok, so now to talk about how I shot it...

I shot this on a Lumix GH4 with a 12-35mm 2.8 Lens using a shoulder rig and a small slider. Y'all... 4K is the Bee's Knees. Shooting, Editing, and Grading in 4K is just so nice and really the only big equipment difference compared to what I used in the past. I really like the GH4, the only thing is that it's not very good in low light, compared to the new Sony A7s which also does 4K but not internally.

Another big improvement that I've noticed in my work over the last year is in color grading. Color Grading gives the footage it's look, and comparing my old stuff to now is painful haha. I graded it in Premiere Pro using FilmConvert Plugins which are awesome and I would highly recommend.

I was mostly zoomed in all the way to 35mm, which is a 70mm equivalent. The more telephoto look creates more parallax in the background, giving the image more energy. Also going more telephoto on a shoulder rig is more of a professional/film look.

Any questions? Ask them in the comments section and I'll do my best to answer them.