Closing The Gap

I found this video about a year ago, and it smacked me in the face with how much it applied to me.  The Gap between taste and talent can be infuriating. It's taken me 4 years of photo classes in high school, 2 years of messing around with video in college, 1.5 years majoring in Film and Digital Media Production, and 1.5 years of working in the industry... but I can finally say that I'm beginning to see The Gap close.

Over Thanksgiving, my family and Lauren's parents went up to our farm in Northern Missouri and I figured I'd bring some of my new equipment to try it out. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the final product to look like and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

All of the footage was shot during a 30 minute walk around the property, handheld, on the Sony A7s. I've been really really happy with the camera so far and this video was really the first personal project I had used it on. It was also the first project I had used my new Movcam cage on, which is awesome. Having a handle makes a huge difference. 

It was also good to make something just for fun again. It's been so long that I've done that. It reignited my desire to make stuff just for the fun of it, especially video. That's my passion and I want to run after that hard this coming year.

The final export turned out great, unfortunately Vimeo and Youtube's compression aren't liking my files and making it a little muddy looking. Especially Vimeo, I have not been happy with them recently...

Anyways, Keep working hard and closing that Gap y'all.